Ambar Del Moral
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Beyond Pink

Using storytelling as a catalyst, Beyond Pink is a 32-page children’s picture book that introduces and explores the theme of intersectional feminism to young children (ages 3 – 6) in order to start a conversation regarding the importance of equality and diversity. The story follows an 8-year-old girl named Mati, who finds herself stuck in Rosewood, a world solely made up of the color pink. Mati begins to question Rosewood’s traditions: why is everything the color pink? How did everything become pink? Is there anything beyond pink? No one in Rosewood can explain its pink origins and no one seems to care. Mati is a firm believer that positive change and the introduction of new ideas is the recipe for progress, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Mati is determined to seek change within a society that appears afraid of moving forward. Although the people of Rosewood are initially reluctant to change, Mati’s discovery of new beautiful colors allows the town to accept and understand that change can be positive, rewarding, and create an endless amount of possibilities.